Mamaroneck Flood Victims Hope Senate Bill Passes House

A group of Mamaroneck residents who lost their homes, businesses and belongings after Hurricane Ida hope funds from the Inflation Reduction Act will help prevent future losses in their flood-prone neighborhoods.

The legislation, which was passed by the US Senate last weekend, contains $369 billion in climate change funding and is now going to the House of Representatives for consideration. Some Mamaroneck residents who are still reeling from the loss of their homes and businesses are concerned about the political game in the House and are urging Congress to pass the measure without amendments or further delays.

Standing at the Waverly Avenue Bridge in Mamaroneck, one of the area’s hardest-hit neighborhoods during last September’s flooding, congressional candidate and county legislator Catherine Parker implored incumbent Congressman Jamaal Bowman to ” please vote with the communities you represent”.

The plea comes in response to the congressman’s vote against last year’s infrastructure bill that provided funding for flood prevention in Mamaroneck. Bowman says her vote was “symbolic” at the time to hold firm for other social spending initiatives.

Lilibet Kirwan, whose family was rescued by boat from their home during last September’s hurricane, said they had lost everything, including lifesaving equipment for her disabled younger sister. She stood with other flood survivors “to join the alarm bells” and make Washington take notice.

Parker also noted the passage of new legislation she sponsored that takes effect immediately and requires any new tenants of first-floor or basement apartments to be informed of the flooding history of the residence.

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Norman D. Briggs