Senate Bill Aims to Penalize Delivery Scammers – Manila Bulletin

A measure aimed at penalizing individuals defrauding riders involved in food, grocery and pharmacy delivery services has been tabled in the Senate.

By introducing Senate Bill No. 1234, Senator Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito people who make “false reservations” or suddenly cancel confirmed orders, refuse to receive unpaid orders, and use another’s personal information person when signing up for a food, grocery and pharmacy delivery service should be penalized.

The bill also aims to prohibit delivery service providers from requiring deposits from the delivery person.

Similarly, under the bill, people signing up for such a delivery service will be required to show proof of identity and residency.

Violators of the proposed law could face up to six months in prison and a fine not exceeding 100,000 pesos.

In addition to these penalties, Ejercito said delivery service providers demanding monetary advances from their passengers could also face the revocation of their licenses and permits.

“Our delivery people are working on meager wages to support their families amid the dangers of the COVID virus, and charging them for items that aren’t theirs is neither justifiable nor acceptable,” Ejercito said.

“This way, delivery people will be protected from shelling out their hard-earned money to pay for orders in cases where false reservations or orders are made,” the senator said.

Ejercito hopes his bill will become a means of protecting the country’s delivery workers from the vagaries of their daily work.

“We must not fail to also remember the contributions of one of our unsung heroes in this pandemic, our delivery people,” he said.

“With the growing demand and impact of online deliveries in our daily lives and our economy, it is only right that the government should prioritize not only the economic sustainability of the industry, but above all the necessary protection that should be given to our delivery. runners,” Ejercito pointed out.



Norman D. Briggs