PA Senate Bill 106, a GOP-led assault on abortion rights

Senator Judy Ward, R-30, recently (August 21) felt the need to defend Senate Bill 106who, the Pennsylvanians assured, “would not ban abortion”. Ward claimed the legislation had been unfairly distorted by the media and would “protect the status quo”.

At best, it’s intellectually dishonest.

In July, the Republican-led General Assembly incorporated several constitutional amendments into a joint resolution to ensure its passage through the budget process. This joint resolution is known as Senate Bill 106. The bill includes an amendment that clearly states that the Constitution “does not grant the right to taxpayer-funded abortion or any other human rights.” ‘abortion”.

The function of Senate Bill 106 is abundantly clear: it would pave the way for legislation severely restricting or prohibiting abortion here in Pennsylvania. And if that legislation were to pass through the Republican-held Legislature again in the next session and be approved by voters in a statewide referendum, it could not be challenged in court.

And despite Senator Ward’s insistence, the bill could go beyond restricting abortion, potentially affecting everything from contraception to treatments for ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages.

Whether inserted into a budget amendment in the wee hours of the morning or stated outright, Senate Bill 106 is a Republican-led attack on abortion rights in Pennsylvania. It is an attack on equality and reproductive freedom. And that’s just plain wrong.

Over the course of my campaign, I have heard time and time again from concerned Bucks County residents about the backsliding of abortion rights, echoing the view of the majority of Americans.

But Senate Bill 106 is not a done deal. We can avoid a constitutional amendment — and protect our abortion rights — by electing Democrats like me to overthrow the state legislature and protect abortion rights.

Senator Ward says the amendment will allow the legislature to “create public policy that represents the will of the people.”

I don’t know what voice she’s listening to, but the idea that the will of the people is reflected in Senate Bill 106 – a brazen attempt to end abortion rights in the middle of the night – is a power grab. cynical extremist Republicans and nothing else.

Mark Moffa lives in Penndel and is the Democratic Party’s candidate to represent the state in the redesigned 142nd district, which next year will include Langhorne, Penndel, Langhorne Manor, Lower Southampton and parts of Middletown and Northampton.

Norman D. Briggs