State Senate Bill 138 is dangerous | Letters to the Editor

Senate Bill 138 in its title seems innocuous, “Teaching American Principles Act”. There is language about equality, equal protection under the law, the American promise, etc.

But then there’s the sentence that says, “A local school district employee…shall not be required to discuss with students current events or controversial topics related to public policy or social affairs.” .

It further states that any instruction on these subjects must be explained “from diverse and opposing perspectives”.

Is there a silver lining to the Holocaust? Is there a silver lining to racism or slavery? Some might view the building of the American economy on the backs of brown and black people as a positive thing. Maybe if you have white skin. How about a positive side of the KKK or the outright murder of George Floyd?

Senate Bill 138 was perhaps considered a less troubling bill than HB 14 or HB 18, but it is the sheepskin fox or the fox that guards the henhouse.

What dystopian future do these bills depict? A classroom with constant video surveillance, hidden microphones in classrooms, police who thought they were listening during class time? Is this the future we want to have in order to be an informed and moral society — a society that the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence portray in lofty terms?

Sounds a lot like “Big Brother” to me.

Norman D. Briggs