Religious Discrimination Bill to receive Senate inquiry, Grace Tame allegation triggers response from Prime Minister’s Office, NSW COVID cases rise, Victoria COVID cases rise, Qld COVID cases increase, COVID SA cases increase

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is asking Grace Tame to name the institution behind the threatening phone call the 2021 Australian of the Year said she received, citing the Australia Day Council’s denial.

He told parliament the government would be ‘happy to pursue the matter’ if it received more information and said he had personally ‘made no criticism of Ms Tame, her statements or his actions”.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and former Australian of the Year Grace Tame. Credit:FRG

He said Ms Tame declined to name the person who had called her to urge her not to make any future criticisms of the Prime Minister, “I would invite her to at least name the institution”.

“If anyone has any information on this I would encourage them to come forward so the matter can be properly addressed,” Mr Morrison said.

The National Australia Day Council on Wednesday denied having ‘threatening’ conversations with Grace Tame after the 2021 Australian of the Year said a senior official at a government-funded organization had urged her to s refrain from criticizing Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Mr Morrison hit out at the anonymous person who Ms Tame said spoke to him last August, calling on them to apologize for their ‘unacceptable’ behavior while insisting he was unaware of any measure to silence her.

Ms Tame and former ministerial aide Brittany Higgins appeared at the National Press Club on Wednesday to decry slow progress in addressing violence against women and child sexual abuse, and to make specific calls for a best action.

Ms Tame said she received ‘a threatening phone call’ from a senior official of a government-funded organization on August 17 last year asking her not to say anything condemnable about the approaching Prime Minister of the upcoming Australian Awards of the Year. .

“’You are an influential person. He will be scared,’ they said… And then I heard the words, ‘with an election coming soon,’” she said.

Norman D. Briggs