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On Monday morning, a group of Penn State students spoke out on the Old Main Lawn against Pennsylvania Senate Bill 106, which would amend the Pennsylvania constitution to restrict access to abortion.

The students, Taylor Root, Brooklynn Jones and Nicole Ramsey are all members of Students for Takac and used their time to promote Paul Takac as a candidate for the 82nd Pennsylvania House District.

The bill would determine “that there are no taxpayer-funded constitutional abortion rights or any other abortion rights,” according to the Pennsylvania General Assembly website.

“We need to be aware of the harm that Senate Bill 106 will bring to our state of democracy, the disenfranchisement of young voters across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,” said Root (junior political science and Englishman).

The bill would also raise the voting age from 18 to 21.

Root said the 18-20 demographic is very influential in Pennsylvania elections. She said the amendment “goes against the premises on which this country was founded”.

The amendment is the Republican Party’s attempt to “crack down” on young voters, Root said.

Jones (a sophomore in criminology and psychology) said she thinks Pennsylvania is “slowly crippling, and it’s imperative for us as Democratic citizens to act responsibly to get this system going again.”

Nicole Ramsey (Senior Political Science) speaks against Pennsylvania Senate Bill 106 at Old Main Lawn Monday, October 3, 2022 in University Park, Pennsylvania.

“Republican lawmakers are considering making constitutional amendments that silence the voices of the same voters they are meant to represent,” Jones said.

Ramsey (senior political science) said she thought the proposal was an indication that Republicans were “terrified to lose, because their values ​​and policies are not what the majority of Pennsylvanians stand for.”

Ramsey said she believes Takac, Scott Conklin, Robert Zeigler, Josh Shapiro and John Fetterman are “our last defense against a ruby-red Pennsylvania run by Republican extremists like Doug Mastriano.”

Root said electing Takac would help make the House of Representatives democratic, blocking the passage of such a bill.

Jones encouraged voters to “support those who support [them]and Paul Takac is someone who wouldn’t do this for himself, but for those who are underrepresented and misheard.”

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives has 113 Republicans and 89 Democrats, according to Ballotpedia.

Midterm elections will be held on November 8 in Pennsylvania. The last day for voters to register to vote is Oct. 24, according to the Pennsylvania Department of State.

Penn State Leaders on Pennsylvania Senate Bill 106

Taylor Root (political science junior and English) speaks against Pa Senate Bill 106 at Old Main Lawn on Monday, October 3, 2022 in University Park, Pennsylvania.

Those voting by mail have until November 1 to request a mail-in or mail-in ballot.

“Democracy is not just for the few but for the whole,” Root said, “and that fight for the whole is just beginning.”


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