Oklahoma Senate Bill Regulating School Restroom Policy Passes

A Senate bill that would regulate who uses certain bathrooms in schools is making its way through the legislature.

This is the third time that Senate Bill 615 has been amended. The bill originally limited gender identity and sexuality topics in schools and now affects school counselors and restroom policies.

“This legislation is unconstitutional and it is also wrong. They deserve better from their legislature, from their school board, from their policymakers,” said Nicole McAfee, executive director of Freedom Oklahoma.

“We’re very excited to see this moving through the House and the Senate here as it moves up next week,” said Stillwater Public School parent Jeff Wieman.

The new amendment would require students to use restrooms that match their biological sex assigned at birth.

“We know there are trans kids here in Oklahoma who are watching this news terrified of what it means for their daily interactions at school if this bill passes,” McAfee said.

Weiman said he has been talking to lawmakers and working with the school board for more than a month.

“I have two younger daughters, just knowing it’s possible a boy could be in the bathroom doesn’t make me feel safe. They’re kind of like, ‘what the heck? what’s going on here, I don’t understand why there are boys in the girls’ bathroom?’ I feel the same,” he said.

While it believes there should be a gender-neutral bathroom in every school, McAfee with Freedom Oklahoma is concerned about how this would affect 2SLGBTQ+ students.

“They’re in a situation where they constantly have to introduce themselves to people who may or may not be safe,” the chief executive said.

If this bill passes, schools that do not comply will lose 5% of their funding.

Norman D. Briggs