New Holland Borough Council Passes Resolution Opposing Pennsylvania Senate Bill 597 | Community News

When: New Holland Borough Council Meeting October 4th.

Opposition to Senate Bill: The council passed a resolution opposing state Senate Bill 597, called the Water Quality Accountability Act, which would increase the cost of operations for public water authorities. The board viewed the bill’s requirements as non-essential and the compliance requirements as creating a burden. The resolution states that the borough “operates its water and wastewater systems at a reasonable cost due to local concern and control of system assets, operations and priorities as determined locally.”

Orders of budget items: Police Chief Bill Leighty has been authorized to place orders for 2023 budget items as follows: 2023 Ford Police Interceptor through New Holland Auto Group’s State Tender Program for a approximate cost of $35,475; replacement of 12 portable radio units by Moyer Police Communications, Palmyra, state tender program for $38,302.

Quoteable: “We want to place the orders now with the hope of getting the vehicle and the radios in 2023,” said Todd Burkhart, chairman of the police committee.

Employee recognition: Retired police officer Troy Deshong was recognized for 22 years of service with the New Holland Police Department from 2000 until his retirement Sept. 26. He also served periodically for eight years on the Lancaster County Drug Task Force. Early recognition was also given to Irv Martin for over 35 years as a Borough employee. He was a police officer for 13½ years from 1987 to 2000 and served in the public works department for 22 years from 2001 until his next retirement on November 30.

Trick or treat evening: The borough approved the county date of 6-8 p.m. on Monday, October 31.

Norman D. Briggs