Biden says he’ll take action on climate change if Senate bill fails – but doesn’t mention Joe Manchin

President Joe Biden said he would take executive action on climate change if Democrats’ proposed spending bill didn’t include clean energy provisions, but he didn’t mention the senator Joe Manchin, who voiced his opposition to a broader bill that includes climate provisions. and tax increases.

The president is currently on a trip to the Middle East while Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer negotiates with Mr. Manchin.

“So let me be clear: if the Senate does not act to address the climate crisis and strengthen our national clean energy industry, I will take strong executive action to respond at this time,” he said. -he declares. “I will not back down: the opportunity to create jobs and build a clean energy future is too great to pass up.”

Mr Biden’s words come after Mr Manchin, a conservative Democrat from coal-rich West Virginia, said he wanted to suspend negotiations with Mr Schumer to pass a social spending bill after the latest inflation figures.

“I can’t make this decision basically on taxes of any kind and also on energy and climate because it takes the taxes to pay for the clean tech investment that I’m in favor of,” Mr. Manchin to host WV Metronews. Hopped Kercheval.

It came after several reports that Mr Manchin had wanted to scrap provisions aimed at tackling climate change and tax hikes on wealthier Americans and businesses. Earlier this week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that inflation rose 9.1% over the past 12 months, a 40-year high.

Biden also said the Democrats’ proposed plan to continue subsidizing the Affordable Care Act and allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices would fight rising prices.

“I want to thank Chief Schumer for his relentless and determined efforts to deliver the strongest possible bill to cut costs, reduce the deficit and tackle the climate crisis while strengthening our energy security – even offering significant trade-offs to try to reach an agreement,” he said, and also thanked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Nowhere in his statement did he mention Mr. Manchin.

Norman D. Briggs