How Senate Bill 48 Could Impact Law Enforcement

SOUTHERN OREGON, —A new bill passed in the last legislative session will change Oregon’s bail system.

Signed by Governor Brown, Senate Bill 48 takes effect July 1. It directs judges to enter a permanent pre-trial release order specifying those and offenses eligible for release on recognizance, parole, and those ineligible for release until indicted.

Klamath County Sheriff’s Chris Kaber fears this could result in a significant number of suspects being released from custody without bond.

Sheriff Kaber even released a statement about it saying in part, “When someone is suspected of having victimized other people, it is appropriate that they be brought before the judge for their initial plea. The best way to do this is to keep them in jail until they appear in court or to require some form of assurance (bail) that they will appear before the judge at a later date.

Oregon State Rep. Pam Marsh voted in favor of the bill.

“It’s really about making sure we have a pathway for people who are safe in the community to be released without putting family capacity or income levels in their way,” Rep. Marsh said.

Rep. Marsh says the law is looking for non-monetary ways for appropriate people to be released pending trial. The Sheriff’s Office ends its news release by telling Klamath County residents to remember to lock your doors, your cars, keep an eye on your neighborhood and report suspicious activity.

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Norman D. Briggs